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L4E are a technology consulting firm, specializing in providing immediate solutions to companies that have any video/audio streaming needs. L4E will set up the complete infrastructure so your company can transmit streaming events and / or offer video services on demand. We can enable your company to offer high quality video, accessible from multiple devices IOS, Android, Windows...

We will carry out preliminary analysis to determine your service requirements, expansion plans and disaster recovery. We will advise you on the technical feasibility of any streaming action plan and; finally, implement your streaming project to the highest standard. We will provide the best technological tools (software & hardware)

L4E will be present in both the development and the implementation. We will customize the streaming service with your corporate brand and install all the functionality based on fully tested solutions.

We provide our customers all the necessary training to manage your streaming platform easily. L4E data center and L4E technical support guarantees the client total service availability and immediate response to any incident, offering scalable solutions to increases in demand, and any extra service you may need.


HD streaming satellite

Set-top box (STB)

DRM, protected Streaming

Proxy streaming

Streaming protected with login

Web service integration

Software & hardware encode/decoders

IP camera streaming


Wowza & Nimble

The latest technologies

L4E is specializes in installing and configuring of Wowza & Nimble servers. We will integrate the streaming servers into the IT infrastructure of your organization, or you can hire individual or shared servers in our data center.

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Streaming consulting

Set-top box
Set-top box consulting, configuration and installation for streaming services, digital TV (DTV) and HD streaming satellite signal reception
DRM Streaming
Streaming web portals and platforms with digital copyrights protection (DRM) of audiovisual content.

Distribution system configuration for subscription TV signal or video using broadband connections over the IP protocol.
We provide software integration through WebService operations of all data exchanged between the streaming broadcaster and consumer.
Proxy streaming
Our advanced web proxy system is built to automatically tunnel any web page and optimizes demand through our dedicated server.
Value added services
Department of software development for custom player, users with password control of users, simultaneous chat, webtv...

WOWZA technology:

Live streaming and streaming on demand, audio and RIA apps (Rich Internet Applications) through public and private IP networks on the desktop computer, laptop and tablet PC, smartphones, set-top box IPTV connected to the Internet, televisions and other devices.

NIMBLE technology:

The optimal solution for progressive download, is Nimble HTTP Streamer. Pseudo-streaming, HLS and SmoothStreaming re-streaming compatible. Combining Nimble and WMSPanel will provide a powerful platform, accessible via web, specially designed for pseudo-streaming and complete statistical reports.

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Integral consulting

In L4E we are experts in providing immediate solutions to companies that have any need for video transmission. Contact us for advice on the process. Here are some examples of collaborations for different specifications:


Wowza Nimble


Software & Hardware


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